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If you, a friend or loved one needs legal advice, LaGrand & Lowery, PLLC will make your day in court simple. Being accused of a criminal charge is difficult and complex. Our goal is providing easy to understand explanations when you're facing a criminal case. We are here to defend you at each step in the legal process and achieving the best possible result. Our comprehensive consultations are free, all you need to do is call: (616) 356-1770. The advice is honest and we guarantee a prompt return phone call. Clients have trusted LaGrand & Lowery with over 30 years of experience to deliver excellence in court and superior results for all our services.

Criminal Law Attorney Services

Our attorneys have a breadth of experience in the field of criminal law and they have successfully defended clients in a variety of cases including serious criminal prosecutions and smaller misdemeanor trials.

Drunk Driving Attorney

If you are facing a DUI/DWI charge then you need an attorney who understands DUI law in your state and knows how to properly defend you in court to obtain the best possible outcome for you under the law. LaGrand & Lowery will stand by your side and help you with specialized representation in your DUI case.

Sex Crimes Attorney/Lawyer

We handle cases involving charges relating to sex crimes and provide skillful representation to our clients. Our attorneys represent clients accused of crimes such as indecent exposure, prostitution, sexual assault, internet sex offenses and more.

Domestic Violence Attorney

Our lawyers handle a variety of different domestic violence cases. If you need representation for accusations involving family violence, harassment or spousal abuse, then our attorneys can represent you in court properly according to the law.

Drugs and Narcotics Attorney

Our criminal defense team can defend you to the fullest extent of the law for charges associated with drugs and narcotics possession, trafficking, sales and distribution.

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